Angel Card Reading with Te-Erika The Oracle


You don’t have to walk through this journey alone. Schedule an Angel Card Reading by Email or A Live Angel Card Reading / Intuitive Counseling (up to 10 minutes) to gain clarity and relief for your life.

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What’s holding you back from being FREE and FEARLESS?

Are you afraid to lose? Afraid to win? Afraid to stop? Afraid to begin?

Te-Erika The Oracle is an Intuitive Counselor who helps peace seakers erase their fears and walk in power.

When you are ready to step out of the shadows and into the light of your brilliance, you don’t have to walk alone. 


Angel Card Reading With Te-Erika The Oracle

Email or Chat With Me Privately To Gain Clarity, Relief and Understanding of Your Life’s Challenges

I have dedicated my life to the practice of healing and empowering women. I use my gift of intuition to look into your life and circumstances and see the truth behind your pain and confusion.

Why Angel Cards? Angel Card readings are more positive and uplifting than traditional tarot readings. I can see your CURRENT situation and provide insight into what you can do to enjoy more peace and prosperity.

EMAIL QUESTION- Angel Card Reading with Te-Erika The Oracle.

Send 1 general question via email to be answered within 48 hours. Include your name, date of birth and birth place.


  • Ask your question in ONE sentence.
  • You don’t need to provide too many details because I can see.
  • Please do not ask questions that involve lottery numbers,  the specific names of people or ask me to identify a specific job, predictions about the distant future or questions that involve contacting spirits or dead relatives.
  • If something is important for you to know, I will see it and reveal it to you. Not everything should be revealed at all times.
  • After your reading is delivered, you will not be able to ask a follow-up question because each question is a separate reading. If you want a conversation about your concerns, book the Intuitive Counseling Session.
  • Your privacy is respected and treasured. Your reading will be delivered in a pdf file.

CHAT LIVE- Schedule a Private Intuitive Counseling Session with Te-Erika The Oracle

When you chat with me privately we will spend up to 10 minutes discussing the important concerns on your heart. I will use the Angel Cards to peek into your situation and I will give you the relief and support you need to keep going and push through.

Your live Angel Card reading session will be scheduled within a 7 day time frame or choose the RUSH Counseling session to meet within 24 hours.

I will call you for your counseling session. Your privacy is respected and treasured.


Topics Covered:

  • Fear of failure
  • Relationship issues
  • Trust issues
  • Grief
  • Family issues
  • Non-Traditional lifestyle choices
  • No topic is off limits!

Ask questions about CURRENT Issues. Ask about issues happening now and how to handle them. Please do not ask to predict the future since the future is dependent upon choices you make today.

Schedule an Angel Card Reading with me and find your relief TODAY!




Instructions for submitting your question or scheduling your Intuitive Counseling session will be emailed to you after your purchase.

Please understand that these readings and Intuitive Counselings sessions are a work of creative art. They should be considered entertainment or inspiration. There are no refunds at any time.

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